Farm/Crop Insurance

Minnesota Farm Insurance

At Claremont Insurance Agency, we know farms are a unique business that require specialized coverages. There are many different options and coverages for insuring farms, and there is no one size fits all. Each farm needs tailor made coverage to protect your livelihood, from loss of income, to defend you in the case of a liability claim like spray drift, or to provide coverage in the case of a catastrophic property damage. It is important for you to know we have your back.

Farm Coverages in Minnesota

Many of the best farm insurance carriers in Minnesota are available when you choose our Agency. Our policies offer many coverage options so you can balance how much risk you're willing to assume with the premium you're willing to pay.

Minnesota Crop Insurance

At Claremont Insurance Agency, we protect farms of all types and sizes throughout Minnesota. Let us help you develop a strategy to manage risk that is right for you, so that we can protect your farm from financial losses due to natural disasters or price decline. We offer coverage including Multi-peril insurance, hail insurance, and supplemental policies which will help you manage your crop risks and your investments.

Crop protection in Minnesota

We represent several crop insurance carriers in Minnesota. Crop Insurance policies are packaged in a few different ways:

  • Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI): protection from a decrease in crop yield, loss of crops, or financial loss as result of price changes.
  • Crop-Hail Insurance: covers hail damage as well as loss from fire, vandalism.
  • Wind coverage or Green snap on corn can be added to a hail policy
  • Supplemental : coverage increases scope or range of multi peril coverages


While our office is located in Claremont, MN, we service clients all across these states: Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.