Auto Insurance

It is easy to shop solely on budget but money should not be the only factor in your purchase decision.  There are two times you can pay for an incident, when you have a claim or when you are purchasing your coverage.    

There are many reasons to carry auto insurance, including its the law, the bank may require it if you have a loan or to protect yourself form a lawsuit should be named in an auto accident.  The team at Claremont Insurance Agency is here to help you sort out the best policy for your situation. We help you make an educated decision on your insurance needs. 

Give Claremont Insurance Agency a call today for car insurance. Our professional agents can help you through the maze of policies and find the one that best fits you. You may visit us in person or use our online tool to check out rates for car insurance.


While our office is located in Claremont, MN, we service clients all across these states: Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin.